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Pro Fireworks is currently Michigan’s largest firework retailer. Across the state we have 13 permanent locations to serve your pyrotechnic wants and needs. After 30 years of servicing the industry, we could not be more proud to set up shop in Michigan. The mixture of knowledge, quality, and care we can contribute to the consumer helps us stay on top. Our product lines consist of Black Diamond Fireworks, Pro Fireworks, Brother’s PyrotechnicsMagnus FireworksDragon FireworksBig Fireworks. Pro Fireworks closes the gap between the everyday weekend warrior and the industries professionals. It is your time to be a Pro

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James Stajos - President
For the majority of my life, fireworks have been my passion.  Within the last 38 years I have come to form nationally dominating brands in the industry such as Big Fireworks, Black Diamond Fireworks and Pro Fireworks.  I was the first to bring Sky Lanterns into US circulation and since then have sold millions, as well as donated them to such organizations as Make-A-Wish, Susan G. Komen and AIDs Foundation.  In 2011 I successfully lobbied and changed the fireworks law here in the State of Michigan.  My team and I own and operate 13 Pro Fireworks stores in my home state of Michigan.
Reed Miller
Reed Miller - Owner
   As a Michiganian my entire life, I’ve enjoyed a career as a senior purchasing agent. However, the opportunity to own three Michigan fireworks stores with James Stajos has allowed me to be part of an extremely exciting business. My goal at Pro Fireworks is to insure that our customers are having as much fun as I am. we create an atmosphere of fun, while providing our customers with the knowledge of our products, and the products performance, as well as helpful guidance and tips to make their experience as enjoyable as possible. I look forward to serving our customers and our communities for years to come”.
Scott Abramouski
Scott Abramouski - Vice President
  I have been in the fireworks industry going on four years and it was been a “blast.”  Every year it is a thrill preparing for the best time of the year, Michigan Summer’s!  I tend to think that we sell our customers a good time versus a product and it is all about the experience from start to finish you receive at Pro. All of our managers and employees genuinely love fireworks and it shows.  Our stores are becoming a brand and our brand is becoming the staple here in Michigan.   
Bill Barnes
Bill Barnes - Chief Operating Officer

I came to Pro Fireworks with a business background but very little fireworks experience.  Since then, I have learned to love fireworks and customers that buy them. I first started managing the Traverse City location.  Within a year, I was regionally managing the west side stores and within another year I was made Chief of Operations, overseeing all of the stores.  I have since had the opportunity to become James’ partner at the Petoskey location.  This year will be my 6th exciting year with Pro Fireworks. It has been a blast watching the industry grow, with Pro Fireworks leading the way!

Robert Bahnke
Robert Bahnke - Regional Manager
My background is in retail, with 40 years of management experience. In 2012, I began working for Pro Fireworks, with no prior experience with pyrotechnics. There is no doubt this is a very exciting career, and I have grown to love the company I work for as well as the customers that pack our stores. When I first started with Pro Fireworks, I was the manager of our store in Taylor, Michigan.  There was so much to learn, and there was nothing better than interacting with customers and seeing the products in action! After that first year, I was approached by the owner, James, to run his busiest store in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Very quickly that store became my home and I became the regional manager for the Metro Detroit locations.It is a great honor to be where I am today. I cherish all of the relationships that have been built between our customers, and within this company. I am very excited to watch this company grow, and be a part of it.
James Stephan
James Stephan - Store Manager
 I am happily married, and a father of a baby boy. Born and raised here in Michigan. I originally started with PRO fireworks for my interest in fireworks, my management background, and to get away from a corporate atmosphere. Since then it has been a blast. It’s amazing working for a local family based company that cares, knows you, the customers, and gives back to the local communities. It is great to interacting with our customers. I get to know our VIP’s, and what they look for on a regular basis, along with helping to explain what some of our products do, and what to expect from them for customers that may be new to buying/shooting fireworks. 2018 will be my 4th year with PRO fireworks.
Ryan Vanderwoude
Ryan Vanderwoude - Store Manager
 I have been working for Pro Fireworks since I was 18 and initially I was working here because I loved fireworks. I started working in the warehouse making USA box assortments my first week and by the next spring, I was given the opportunity of running the Comstock Park store. I am finishing up my degree at Davenport University this spring (2018) in Global Project Management and plan to continue working with the company and assuming a project management role. It has been a privilege working here learning the business and talking with all of our customers and pyro enthusiasts.
Tim Clark
Tim Clark - Store Manager
I Grew up in Wyandotte through grade school and graduated high school from Trenton. I also graduated from EMU, but happily, that was when they were the Hurons, not the Eagles. The last job I had before working at Pro Fireworks was at E&LTransport, which was located down the road from the Waynestore on Michigan Ave. I worked there for 15 years in the IT department. I loved it there and downtown Wayne is awesome for fun activity. It’s too bad they went bankrupt .I enjoy golf, crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, and reading. Not so much Michigan winters. I was looking for something to do in retirement and working at the Wayne Pro Fireworks store was the perfect fit. It’s fun, after all, who doesn’t like fireworks, it’s close to home, and the people I work with have been awesome. But the best thing is the customers, most of whom LOVE fireworks even more than I do. It’s enjoyable to talk to them and I have learned more about fireworks from the customers than any other source. Plus I get to go to a free fireworks demo every year, it’s a great perk.
Dillon Betke
Dillon Betke - Store Manager
Hi, my name is Dillon and I am the store manager at our Westland location. I am currently studying Marketing in college with the goal of graduating with a degree in Marketing and Applied Management. I first started at Pro as a Sales Associate and quickly moved up to become a key-holder and Store Manager shortly after that. I love working at Pro because I have the opportunity to sell products that I’m passionate about to customers that share the same passion. My goal is to not only sell fireworks but to ensure you leave our store more knowledgeable about fireworks than when you walked in.
Max Roxbury
Max Roxbury - Store Manager
Fireworks have always been my passion. I started out as a VIP customer of Pro Fireworks. I then worked as a temporary summer seasonal employee while attending Bake College studying computer networking. I have been employed with Pro Fireworks since 2015. In 2017 I became the Manager of the Holland location and in 2018 I have taken on an IT (Information Technology) manager role. I am honored to meet, help, inform valued customers of our products and excited in producing our product demo videos.
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