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What’s In The Sky, Before You Buy

Pro Fireworks, The Official Fireworks Store of Michigan is an industry leader in design and quality of backyard fireworks! We are proud to offer several

Fireworks Safety

With the warm weather of summer coming Pro Fireworks should be your number one choice for fireworks for the season graduations, communions and even fourth

Select 200 Gram Cake Special

Where can you get a 200 gram cake for $12.99? Nowhere right? WRONG. Stop on by to any one our 12 stores to take advantage

love to the skies

Sending Love To The Skies

Losing a loved one is an unfathomable torment. Reminiscing in the joys of the loved one’s life is how some stay grounded during mourning. Others

One Spark, One Goal

One match can start a fire, but One Spark can save lives. The One Spark firework is an extraordinary explosion of 500 gram repeaters, also