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Pro Fireworks set to open new location in Midland

Pro Fireworks, a Lansing-based company, is nearing completion of major renovations to convert a long vacant Advance Auto Parts Store at 410 S. Saginaw Road into its 15th and newest store in the state, said Scott Abramouski, Pro Fireworks’ President and Chief Financial Officer.

The 5,000 square foot building has sat vacant for some time, but is a markedly improved site with all the work the company has done there. A repaved parking lot, new ADA-compliant sidewalks, new doors, new signage, interior and exterior paint, new lighting, new epoxy floors and upgraded bathrooms are among the improvements.

“We’ve put north of $350,000 into the site,” Abramouski said. “We’re going to repair the roof as well this year.”

The new Midland location, like Pro Fireworks’ other stores across the state, are designed to be year-round permanent brick and mortar storefronts. The company goes to great lengths to set up its shops the right way.

“This is a heavily regulated industry,” Abramouski said. “We pride ourselves on setting the example of how stores should be set for safety and from a quality standpoint. When we come into a community, we want to become a staple. We cherish and respect our relationships with the city and the state.”

Abramouski credits Pro Fireworks Founder & CEO James Stajos’ for people even having the opportunity to legally enjoy fireworks in the state.

“James was a leader in lobbying the State of Michigan to legalize fireworks back in 2012,” he said.

The statewide law was amended in 2018 that gave local governments the right to issue ordinances that restrict the days and times residents can shoot off fireworks. Whether you live in the City of Midland or elsewhere, it’s always a good idea to check with your local municipality to avoid potential fines for using fireworks outside of specified dates and times–which is illegal.

Pro Fireworks carries a wide range of pyrotechnic products, including firecrackers, snaps for kids, sparklers, fountains, Roman candles and cakes.  

“The fountains are always super popular,” he said. “The cakes are light boxes that you light and run away. We have a variety of top notch products. The majority of items are private labels with vibrant colors. We have a lot of families that come in, a lot of  Moms and Dads. We’re kind of like the Apple store of fireworks–open and clean.”

Reasonable prices is another Pro Fireworks trademark, according to Abramouski. 

“We have customers that come in and spend a couple of thousand dollars, but the average customer spends about $200. We make sure our price structure is affordable. We want our customers to leave with their carts full knowing they got high quality and value.”

Abramouski said the company looks at three main criteria when selecting a site: a free-standing building, single story and ample parking. Midland fits the bill.

“We don’t have anything else in Midland,” he said. “I own two gyms in Lansing and clients there have told me Midland is booming.”

Pro Fireworks – Midland will launch by being open 7 days a week, from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. The expectation is to remain open until midnight as the 4th of July nears.

“It’s a moving target,” Abramlouski said of staffing levels and hours. “It depends on the market and traffic. We’ll employ 3-5 people when we open the Midland store and up to 20 to 30 as we move closer to the 4th of July.”

As part of its community-minded approach, Pro Fireworks supports local charities and offers discounts to all union members, as well as police, fire and military personnel.