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Did you know that blue is the hardest color to produce in a firework? We at Pro Fireworks work directly with the best factories and technicians to have the most colorful fireworks hit our stores. We even help design all the latest and greatest in effects and combinations before they hit the market. Pro Fireworks has been a leader in the consumer fireworks industry designing bright neon colors for the last 20 years. 

Here’s how fireworks get their color!

Purple – Mixture of copper and strontium compounds.

Blue – Copper salts CuCL, CuO, CuCO3.

Green – Barium Salts Ba(NO3)2, BaCO3, BaCl2, BaCL03.

Red – Strontium Salts SrCO3, Sr(NO3)2, SrSO4.

Orange –  Calcium Salts CaCl2, CaCO3, CaSO4.

Yellow – Sodium Salts NaNO3, NaAlF6, Na2C2O4.

Golden – Incandescence of iron with coal, and charcoal.

Silver – While hot magnesium and aluminum.

White – Burning metal magnesium, aluminum, titanium.