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Private Label

Years ago, when you walked into a fireworks location, you saw basic brown packaging and dull colors that filled the store. Some fireworks stores may still look the same, but us at Pro Fireworks has completely changed the fireworks game as well as the custom packaging.

Every year, Pro Fireworks Owner, James Stajos, and Vice President, Scott Abramouski, travel to China to perfect the Pro Fireworks private label items for the upcoming year. There is nothing more exciting to the customer then to see the new items, the new wrappings of the items and the 4k video on our Pyro Players in the store. Feedback can be one of the best conversations we have with our customers because we can take that and make changes for the upcoming season. We are always evolving at Pro Fireworks and it shows when you shop with us.

We have two different private label brands in our 13 Pro Fireworks locations. Pro Fireworks is also a brand within the store and can be seen with our bright red logo on the packaging. The Black Diamond Fireworks brand is our premier private label brand and is shown by a mirrored, metallic diamond on the packaging. Both of these brands are in all of our categories which include: mortars, cakes, fountains, assortments and snap n pops. Fireworks spectators expect shows to get better every year and we expect the same out of ourselves at Pro Fireworks!