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Pyro Player – 4K Firework Previews

In an industry that has been around for centuries, it takes innovations to really shake up the market. We at Pro Fireworks have continuously made changes in our product lines as well as adding in a technology aspect to improve the customer experience.  All of our 13 Pro Fireworks locations across the state of Michigan now have large televisions with an additional box attached called a Pyro Player. The Pyro Player gives the customer the ability to scan any barcode in the store and view the product in 4K video before purchasing.

Every customer that comes in the store has different wants and likes from the next. The Pyro Player is able to show every item from cakes, artillery shells and fountains that we have at each Pro Fireworks location. Whether you are customizing a show or just lighting some stuff at a family barbeque, we have what you want and can show you without lighting the fuse.

Lighting off and watching fireworks shows is an experience and we believe the shopping at our Pro Fireworks stores should be as well. When you walk in the store you are greeted with the sound of booming breaks in the background and 4k visuals around the walls. We value the opinions of our customers and that is why we continue to not only be the trendsetter in the industry but also leading the way on the technology that we use to enhance the fireworks experience.