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A Chocolate Filled Firework, What?

Many cities the world over are known for having epic firework displays. Destination capitals from London to Las Vegas have quickly become known for their showstopping displays that ring in the new year. However, every now and then you hear of a firework display that is truly unique. Every so often, a display comes along that has a legendary story. Remember the myth concerning the Chinese emperor? The one that involved him sitting on his throne of fireworks as it lifted him into the sky to celebrate the beginning of his reign? Yep, I’m talking about those kinds of displays.

Well, as it happens, a firework event of mythical proportions occurred on December 31, 2002. It also set a Guinness World Record. The Nestlé Corporation crafted a firework full of Swiss Cailler Chocolates. How big was it? Well, let’s just say that it contained 132 pounds of chocolate. If that’s not enough to send you into a diabetic coma, I don’t know what is. It was 9.8 feet high and 4.9 feet wide. That’s almost as tall as a basketball goal, and about as wide as a sumo wrestler. They released it at the Hechtplatz, which is located in Zürich, Switzerland. Guinness was on hand to verify the attempt and record it as a record breaker.


Yet, As impressive as all of that is, you have to wonder how they made the fireworks explode without melting all of the chocolate inside. Well, the answer is… we will never know. It seems that Nestlé has that information locked up tighter than the gold housed at Fort Knox. You can’t even find a picture of the epic event online! That’s okay though. If we set a Guinness World Record, we would probably not want to reveal our secrets either. It does make you wonder what other types of records have been broken by fireworks though. Well, we did a little digging. Here is what we found.


Heaviest firework. Konosu, Japan was the place to be when a 1,014 pound firework exploded as part of a festival celebration. To see it in action, click here. Watch for the massive explosion around 3:20. It’s good stuff!

Longest firework display. Sogne, Norway had a fireworks display that lasted for an hour and a half. The part that you don’t know? Well, it seems that a little more than 15,000 fireworks were not part of the world record-setting attempt, because they failed to ignite. However, even without those, they still nailed it. It seems that the other half million fireworks exploded rather nicely.


Largest firework display. In 2014, Dubai attempted to break the world record for the largest fireworks display. The man made paradise already holds the record of laying host to world’s tallest building, so why not try to grab another one, right? Well, they didn’t just break the record, they crushed it. They set off more than a half million fireworks in six minutes. The display took more than 10 months to plan, and spanned more then 60 miles of the Dubai coastline!


Still though, it would be nice to see some evidence of that record setting chocolate filled firework from Nestle. Maybe they will leak a picture. I know, I know, a lot of time has passed, but we can still hope.




Maybe we should take the lack of photo evidence as a call to action. Maybe we should all ban together, build a larger one, set if off, and film the entire event for posterity! That’s it! What a great idea! By the way, when I saw “we”, I mean you. I’ll just be there for the chocolate.