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Just because the snow is flying

Hey Pro Fireworks Fans, Luke Here.

Just because the snow is flying does not mean you should not have pyro on your mind!

With the winter season upon us we as pyro hobbyists have an excellent opportunity to get a jump start on pyro projects for the next season. For me this means getting a start on my scripting and show planning so that I can better plan on equipment builds, system needs, and what product I will have to get picked up then modified ahead of time.

I like to do quite a bit of work with candles, strobes, mines, gerbs, and other neat unique effects that are commonly under appreciated in my opinion.
Utilizing such effects helps showcase artistic vision and ability, as well as presents a real opportunity to add a fantastic WOW factor to your show.

I normally get most of my product scripting done in the late fall, into the early winter. This will allow me to get a full plan together for equipment builds, that I find commonly take the most time to complete alongside product prep/modification. Below I have attached one of my most recent product prep projects for a late fall wedding.

This is a very simple candle rack design that can accommodate most any candle, single tube, mine/comet combo, or even gerbs being affixed to it utilizing zip ties or a very strong weight duct tape. This rack is constructed using the following components:
1 pc 2×6 18”
2 pcs 1×6 18”
5 pcs 18” landscape stakes, available at any home improvement store.
14 pcs 2” deck screws.