Fireworks and the Fourth of July

It’s hard to imagine celebrating Independence Day without a dazzling display of fireworks. And that stands to reason. Fireworks and the Fourth of July have

Biggest Fireworks Display in History

Want to launch the biggest fireworks display in history? You’ve got your work cut out for you. According to Guinness, the largest fireworks display consisted

500 Gram Cakes Special

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A Chocolate Filled Firework, What?

Many cities the world over are known for having epic firework displays. Destination capitals from London to Las Vegas have quickly become known for their

Congratulations Graduates!

Congratulation Graduates from your friends at @ProFireworks!   For many of you, this week contains the day you’ve long been awaiting—your graduation. Graduation means saying good-bye

Sky Lantern Special

@ProFireworks is your one-stop shop for Sky Lanterns!     A Sky Lantern, also known as Kongming lantern or Chinese lantern, is a small hot air