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One Spark, One Goal

One match can start a fire, but One Spark can save lives.

The One Spark firework is an extraordinary explosion of 500 gram repeaters, also referred to as “cakes”, and is a cluster of aerial tubes with a single fuse. To the ordinary consumer, this is the most popular kind of firework besides sparklers and firecrackers.

Yet, this particular firework does not stop at beauty and impressions. For every purchase of the affordable One Spark firework, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the One Spark Foundation.

The One Spark foundation is a multi-program, non-profit organization that provides four core impact programs: S.T.O.P Human Trafficking, Trinity Farms, Homeless Outreach and Spark Programs. Their mission is to change the world, one Spark at a time, by encouraging others to choose to make willing acts of kindness. These people are referred to as ‘Sparks.’

Spreading love to one another and scattering alluring colors across the sky, the donations from purchases of the One Spark firework saves lives, brings children home, finds homes for the homeless and generates worldwide garden initiatives, creating sustainable self-sufficiency for families and organizations.

One thought can turn into a sentence. The One Spark initiative seeks to churn that sentence into a conversation. Once the conversation starts, the drive to do good empowers, to help others is rewarding and saving the world doesn’t seem impossible. Over 500,000 spark givers have accepted the challenge to encourage others to spread sparks that will light a fire in the hearts of others that can never be extinguished.

That fire burns for justice and righteousness.

Most recently, the One Spark Foundation has donated a used car to a Wichita, KS teenager in need through their Wheels Of Hope program. Samantha Garcia, has a rare kidney disease that causes dysfunction in both of her kidneys. Without a vehicle, Garcia was left wondering if she would be able to make her appointments at Wesley Children’s Hospital. When David Hill, One Spark Foundation’s CEO, found out about Garcia, he made a promise that he would get a vehicle for her. A used car was donated through the  foundation and now Garcia does not worry about missing appointments.

Purchasing the One Spark firework can lead to something as remarkable as helping a sick child make it to her treatments. It could lead to the family reunion for a survivor of human trafficking. It could lead to changing the world for the better. The One Spark Foundation is passionate about provoking thought, stimulating conversation, and possibly challenging the way you view the world.

Be a spark giver.