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Firework Options That Please The Eyes And Ears

While the bombs bursting in air on Independence Day and other celebrations represent freedom and are intended for raising spirits, some simply cannot handle the piercing sounds certain fireworks set off. For the sake of this, countries, such as Britain and Italy, have opted to use ‘silent fireworks’, for popular firework shows and holidays.
These options, readily available in the United States, have a positive impact on animals, children and even Veterans. This way, everyone can enjoy the beauty of fireworks:


With plenty of sizes and colors to choose from, sparklers are the choice firework for those that are sensitive to booming eruptions, but enjoy the spark and color that fireworks have to offer. Since it is unsafe for children to use alone, parents can use the opportunity to show their young ones the magic of fireworks up-close and without loud sound. Proper precaution must be taken with this type of firework.

Noiseless Fountains

This classic end-of-the-driveway firework shoots sparks into the air. The only sound heard is the gust and pop of sparks flying. It’s like a miniature fireworks display in the comfort of your own driveway! These types of fireworks also tend to be more colorful. Keep your eyes peeled when purchasing this type of firework; noisy fountains are likely to be in the same aisle.


This type of firework is not only silent, but can last a long time and come in an overabundance of colors. Create a multi-color display, twirl one around (these are safe to hold if properly handled) or even reveal the gender of a baby on the way! With smoke bombs, the possibilities—and fun—are endless.

Sky Lanterns

Lighting up the sky has never been so elegant—and quiet. Safe for all ages, sky lanterns are as simple as lighting a waxy, flammable material and voila! We have lift off! The lanterns float gracefully into the sky and children stare in awe wondering just how high their firework will fly.

Animal anxiety medication has also been developed to assist animals through the confusing vibrations they aren’t used to hearing. Noise cancelling headphones are also optional for those heading to a fireworks show or to the house of their friend that never fails to purchase the most extravagant light show in the neighborhood.
With these products available nationwide, families can enjoy the beautiful sky illusions worry-free.