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love to the skies

Sending Love To The Skies

Losing a loved one is an unfathomable torment. Reminiscing in the joys of the loved one’s life is how some stay grounded during mourning. Others choose to send In Memory Sky Lanterns to the skies to find peace in the chaos.

What has recently become an ever-growing trend, sky lanterns have quickly become a household name. Pro Fireworks’ sky lanterns are safe, biodegradable and affordable. With a variety of colors to choose from, among those choices is the In-Memory Sky Lantern.

The large, white lantern has text placed on a beautiful scroll. The text reads: “In memory of those who have left us, may this light rise to the heavens to shine with you through all eternity.” The lantern also has a space that reads ‘In Memory Of’ so consumers can include the name of their loved one in their message.

Because Pro Fireworks sky lanterns are biodegradable, made of bamboo instead of plastic, consumers can watch their lantern fly until it floats harmlessly back to the ground after they burn out. Parents can help their children understand the loss by explaining that although their loved one is physically gone, they are still in reach.

This coping mechanism is a healthy and environmentally friendly way of celebrating the lives of those we have lost. This product gives an opportunity for families to come together and send a message beyond the grave. Reassurance sets in that although the loss is one of life’s most difficult obstacles, there is always one way to send a message up above to those we will never forget.